Verizon as the Chosen Organization and Why

The chosen organization comprises Verizon Communications Inc. one of the largest and most efficient telecommunications companies in the United States. Verizon Wireless a key entity that offers the most efficient wireless connection to the U.S. populations is the second largest in the industry after AT&T by revenue ( The choice of Verizon is informed by the vast nature of services it provides across the United States and the extensive connection it creates for the American population. Verizon Communications Inc. is a highly competitive company that requires continuous review and implementation of sustainable initiatives to serve as its credo in the protection of the environment. The brand identity of Verizon Communications Inc. makes it a worthwhile research and analysis company to assess the impacts it has on the society and environmental conservation at large. Furthermore, my familiarity with the company makes it the best choice to analyze further as it can help in my deep understanding of one of the companies that I trust the most in the United States.

Verizon’s History, Industry, and Market Position

Verizon Communications Inc. was founded in 1983 (36 years of existence) as Bell Atlantic Corporation (1983-2000). In 2000, Verizon was born following the acquisition of GTE by Bell Atlantic and need to sustain a competitive identity. Verizon expanded into content in 2015 following its ownership of AOL and Yahoo!, that followed 2 years later (Conrad & Speculations 2018). Verizon operates the second-largest U.S. wireless communications subsidiary – Verizon Wireless – one which this paper will focus closely on to meet all the requirements of the course. As of April 2019, Verizon Wireless constitutes of 153.1 million mobile customers and is the only publicly traded telecommunications company in its home country (NASDAQ).

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Verizon has its headquarters in New York City, New York, the U.S with its largest area of operations based in the United States. The company operates in the telecommunications industry with a profound market position at 34.9 percent. The Verizon Wireless alone serves as the second-largest wireless company in the United States posing a major competitive approach and market position in wireless connections. Verizon’s wireless market share acquired in its United States services is estimated at US$256 billion worth. Thus, make it a business, digital, and innovative technology leader (

Verizon’s Staff, Relations, Corporate Culture, and Mission

Verizon is one of the largest global employers with approximately 144,500 employees making it a competitive venture for employees and diversification. The company constitutes 60 percent work diversity to maintain fairness and equal opportunities for all employees. The organizational culture plays an integral role in the operations of the company. To maintain high standards, quality, and integrity in service delivery, the organizational culture has built a strong team based on the values and credo of operations (Gregory 2017). Since the conception of Verizon in 2000, the company has been the most reliable wireless network in the United States. Hence, it continued to increase in the number of total subscribers across the nation. Verizon Wireless Credo states that “culture combines the philosophy of the firm with beliefs, expectations, and values shared by its members.” Thus, corporate culture guides the functioning of the staff and their conduct.

Verizon’s mission focuses on delivering the promise of the digital world to all its customers. This is achievable through the provision of the most reliable network and current technology to meet the most innovative lifestyle needs of its customers. The capacity to make communication and digital technology the best experience is the primary focus of the company’s mission in advancing telecommunications industry development. Thus, it serves in attaining Verizon’s purpose of delivery a digital world in which businesses, people, and society continuously innovate to drive positive change and growth.

The Rationale for the Sustainable Initiative Implementation

In a world that e-waste is on a rapid increase, the capacity to adopt and implement a sustainable initiative is of profound importance. According to the Global E-Waste monitor 2017 report records that the world generated 44.7 million metric tons of e-waste (Balde et al. 2017). By 2021 e-waste is estimated to increase to 52.2 million metric tons constituting an 8 percent increase by weight in a few years (Kuehr et al. 2017). This presents a worrying trend for the management of e-waste through recycling and reuse of waste products. Verizon operating in such an industry must take the lead responsibility in adopting measures that serve to mitigate e-waste management. The capacity to maintain a high level of vigilance on the recycling and reuse of e-waste is fundamental for the global measures to mitigate the menace.

The adoption of e-waste recycling and reuse sustainable initiative by Verizon serves an opportunity of environmental ethical responsibility. Such initiatives can save the world billions in mitigating the problem and contribution to the efforts of controlling climate change and environmental biodegradation. Verizon as a leader and a major company in the industry is best suited to incorporate the initiate which emphasizes its values and care for the environment (Wang & Wang 2019). The recycling and reuse of products with re-dying or modifying in any way can be attained through the acquisition of smaller companies that have installed the infrastructure but lack the capacity to utilize it. With a revenue of US$130.86 billion, Verizon can initiate such measures and see them to fruition inducing positive growth and development. Furthermore, by adopting the initiative – Verizon exhibits the capacity to ‘walk the talk’ in implementing the values and principles of the company.

SWOT Analysis of Verizon

a.)    Strengths of the New Initiative

Verizon comprises of a number of strength points that make and support its competitiveness in the industry. Among them; it has a strong base of loyal customers who can be objective in the adoption of a new initiative that aims to impact environmental sustainability. Also, Verizon enjoys a strong brand portfolio which enables it to maintain a good image and reputation. This gives an upper hand in the adopting of new initiatives that impact its competitiveness. Verizon has a great financial and operational capacity that facilitates the company to access extensive resources and financial backing to support the adoption, implementation, and maintenance of the new initiative in the long-run (Smithson 2017). The development of 5G networks presents an added advantage for the company to lead the market with innovative initiatives and approaches to its implementation. Furthermore, it is characterized by a strong organizational culture which is vital for the workforce to exhibit the highest values, integrity, and commitments towards the implementation of the new initiative across the target destinations.

b.)    Weaknesses

Verizon exhibits a weak presence in foreign markets. This limits the areas and regions in which the new initiative can be implemented. The prevalence of minimal service diversification impacts on low demand on the market to warrant and support the feasibility of a new initiative. Also, poor connections in long distances to rural areas guarantee the adoption of recycled and unmodified materials to be extensively disastrous over long distances into the countryside where services expansion is paramount (Arcese et al. 2014). Low product range presents a situation where Verizon’s specialization in key products is limiting the diversification initiatives to be utilized by the company. Furthermore, Verizon offers premium prices for its products minimizing the target market to a specific group of consumers who can afford the services.

c.)    Opportunities

The adoption of new opportunity which outlines the use of recycling and unmodified materials is a new opportunity by itself. For the growth of Verizon, consideration of international expansion is significant for the company. This is bound to increased opportunities essential for the implementation of sustainable initiatives worldwide. As well, the expansion of 5G Networks is critical to enhancing Verizon’s position as a leader in the industry. Service improvement impacts on the preference of better and cost-friendly to the consumers. Thus, diversification of services is key to the adoption of new strategies that can impact on the competitiveness and market positioning of Verizon. 

d.)    Threats that Could Keep the Initiative from being Successfully Implemented

Threats that can undermine efforts made by Verizon mainly constitute the enormous competition the company faces from AT&T and T-Mobile who can offer better solutions. This posits the most profound threat to the existence and performance of Verizon in the telecommunications industry. Also, government regulations can prove to be tedious and difficult to meet all regulations and standards of environmental-related policies (El Emary et al. 2011). Natural disasters and calamities threaten to destroy the infrastructure in which Verizon has spent billions of dollars developing and expanding. As well, the high operational and maintenance costs in the use of recycling and unmodified materials require regular maintenance costs which can be profoundly difficult. Moreover, vulnerabilities created by the use of recycled and unmodified materials can expose the company to loopholes in information security which competitors and ill-intended groups can use for malicious purposes. Thus, cost the company dearly.  

SWOT Analysis of the Self – As a Manager

a.)    Strengths

As the manager intended on adopting and implementing the sustainable initiative in Verizon, I possess critical insights and strengths vital to guarantee a smooth and successful process. I portray visionary leadership skills that I have nurtured over the years. Keen on pursuing ethical practices that promise responsible planning and implementation. A charismatic and influential leader to direct the company towards common objectives. As well, great marketing skills which are essential to selling the idea.

Use of the Strengths as a Manager to Address the Weaknesses of the Initiative

The use of visionary leadership can impact on adopting measures to increase the presence of the company in foreign markets. The adoption of the expansionist approach is critical to expanding the opportunities’ in which Verizon can exercise its technological and innovative muzzle by adopting sustainable initiatives in new markets. Ethical practices impact on providing favorable and responsible leadership that is key to the transformation of the service diversification, price regulation, and quality services. The consumers deserve the best – therefore, better leadership and positive growth of the company are crucial to continued customer retention and loyalty. The implementation of a sustainable initiative that advocates for the use of recycled and unmodified materials are significant to assert corporate social and environmental responsibility in the strategies it adopts.

Competitor Analysis – AT&T

Verizon’s main competitor that operates in the same industry as they do comprise of AT&T. AT&T is ranked No.9 by Fortune 500 among the largest corporations in the United States by total revenue. AT&T in terms of revenue is larger than Verizon posing a significant challenge to operational and service delivery competitiveness. AT&T is headquartered at Whitacre Towers, Dallas, Texas with Randall L. Stephen serving as the company’s Chairman and CEO. AT&T has a revenue of US$170.756 billion and 273,210 employees.

a.       Summary of Competitor’s Goals

The aspirations of AT&T through “Connect to Good: A Roadmap to 2025” focuses on three key aspects as areas of focus (AT&T 2019). These include improving the daily lives of people, transforming and guiding the approaches to care for the planet, and amplifying the capabilities of the company and communities in the strategies to handle the extensive challenges that the world faces today. By 2025, AT&T aims at enhancing its capacity to carbon savings 10 times lower than the contents it emits from its operations (AT&T 2019). The improvement of network efficiency is critical to enhancing the company’s objective of delivering low carbon customer solutions. The use of technology increases the capacity of the company to deliver on its objective of reduced carbon emissions. The objectives impact on environmental sustainability as proposed by Verizon in the adoption of the new initiative that targets the use of recycling and unmodified materials in its operations.

The Connect to Good vision outlines the aspirations of the company to usher in a better world. This is a profound objective in which poses direct competition to Verizon’s objective in impacting to a better world. AT&T’s objective is championed by the level of carbon emissions the world experiences today threatening future existence and sustainability of the world (AT&T 2019). The capacity to implement these objectives is key to establish the company as a market leader above Verizon. Therefore, it is fundamental for Verizon to up its strategic objectives and operations to ensure to maintain a competitive advantage to AT&T in the telecommunications industry. 

b.      Competitor Assumption

Market Positioning. AT&T is the world’s largest telecommunications company positioning it as an industry leader. The operations of AT&T extend to Latin America, the Caribbean, and North America as the main areas of operations and a footprint in over 210 countries worldwide in data coverage (AT&T 2015). This makes AT&T the broadest international data coverage company of any of the United States carriers. AT&T operates the United States’ fastest and best wireless network. Thus, AT&T is a revered market and industry leader in innovativeness, service delivery, and quality operations at an international roaming capacity.  

Management Strategies. As a Fortune 10 FOR 35 consecutive years of quarterly dividends, AT&T has continuously re-invented and modernized to meet the contemporary challenges and outperform the industry. Led by the company chairman and CEO Randall L. Stephen, AT&T was the first company to deploy standards-based mobile 5G network in the U.S. with parts of 12 cities connected to the network (AT&T 2019). The values of “live true, inspire imagination, make a difference, think big, embrace freedom, pursue excellence, stand for equality, and be there,” the company has significant management approaches that impact to continued performance and market leadership globally (AT&T 2019). 

c.       Completion of the Competitor’s Objectives

In the efforts to complete its objectives, the use of technology is a key strategy for AT&T. the utilization of technology is vital to address and reduce carbon emissions. Also, the engagement of the consumers, suppliers, companies, non-governmental organizations, and AT&T communities is a major approach to drive the reduction of carbon emissions. The inclusion of key stakeholders in the efforts to make the world better, AT&T aims to invest enormous resources in closing the skill gap among the American populations with the necessary credentials up to 60 percent. As well, working with industry peers in adopting sustainable measures is fundamental to the transformation of the social and environmental impacts technology companies induce to the world. Thus, enhance the capacity, expertise, and resolve to provide solutions to some of the world’s dire challenges.

d.      Competitor’s Capability

As a Fortune 10, AT&T has the capacity, expertise, and experience to take on any initiative it sets out to achieve. The company is the world’s largest telecommunications company giving it a market capacity to influence others in the industry. This makes the tactic to engage industry peers a success as it has the capacity to influence them in adopting similar strategies. AT&T’s net income accumulating to US$19.953 billion and total assets worth US$531 billion positions it in a better position to implement various initiatives that impact to its strategic objectives (AT&T 2019). AT&T has the capacity to pursue different objectives and influence the industry peers in adopting similar if not the same strategies in order to maintain a level of competitiveness. The tradition of strong organizational culture and expertise in the telecommunications industry asserts the company’s capacity to be a leader and pioneer in initiatives that impact to global environmental challenges. Furthermore, with a footprint worldwide, AT&T is strategically positioned to pilot the project in phases in different of the world to assess the viability and lessons for full-scale implementation.

Activity that Will Impact the Successful Implementation of the Sustainable Initiative

The implementation of the sustainable initiative is a key undertaking by Verizon. The focus on contributing to a better world through environmental conservations is a primary strategy in which Verizon seeks to implement. This aligns with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the company to ensure a better world and environment that we live in the future. The efforts towards the implementation of the sustainable initiative can be enhanced through the adoption of ‘humanability’ activity. The ‘humanbility’ entails an activity that is focused on helping humans to do more than they thought they possibly could manage. The objectives of ‘humanability’ activity are to build the capacity of human beings in becoming more responsive and efficient in offering solutions to some of the dire problems affecting the world today. Thus, enhance the contribution to making the world and the future better through environmental conservation measures through the use of technology.

Functions of the Activity and Sub-activities

The ‘humanbility’ activity is aimed at building the human capacity to do more in the world through the utilization of technology. For example, Verizon is focused on building the first and most powerful Intelligent Edge Network, a 5G network that is intended to enable physicians to execute diagnostic procedures to the precision of robotic surgery. The Intelligent Network is designed to establish sensors and cameras around cities to facilitate the study of traffic and weather patterns – information that can be used to cut carbon dioxide emissions in the city.

i.                    Sub-activity 1 – Education

Strengthening the capacity of human beings in running environmental friendly programs and execution of the sustainable initiative – investments in education are key to making the strategy a reality. Through the Verizon Innovative Learning schools (VILs) program, by 2012 over 3 million students will have benefited from the program to build skills fundamental to handle diverse global problems and market challenges. By 2023 over 6 million students will expand the target number of individuals that facilitate the continuity of sustainable initiatives in years to come.

The sustainable initiative’s primary objective focuses on environmental impacts. The capacity to reduce global emissions from the operations of Verizon is key to making the implementation of the sustainable initiative a reality. By 2025, the use of renewable energy sources to 50 percent of the total power consumed by the company is key to making the gains of the sustainable initiative a success. This impacts on the sustaining the achievements acquired to last longer and have profound impacts on the overall objective of the company.

The capacity of the suppliers’ compliance with Verizon’s CSR standards is integral to making the sustainable initiative successful. By 2025, Verizon targets that its assessed suppliers will be compliant to the set CSR standards and enhance the gains of the sustainable initiative. Thus, contribute significantly to the success of the initiative and gains attained from its implementation.

What Can Be Changed to More Efficiently Complete the Activity

The main aspect that can be changed to more efficiently complete the activity entails building Verizon’s communities and partners’ capacity to aid in the implementation of the sustainable initiative. The effort to build the capacity of Verizon’s communities and partners’ efficiency is attained through education programs that enlighten them on the use of recycled and unmodified materials positively. As well, programs that caution on environmental conscious approaches and concerns is fundamental to the implementation of the initiative. The capacity to reduce e-waste is fundamental to making the sustainable initiative a success. Furthermore, the use of a 5G network is key to enhancing the capacity of the company to reach a large clientele base worldwide more efficiently. Thus, ascertain that measures incorporated by the company transcend geographical, national, or regional boundaries.

Proposed Changes Impact on Workflow Improvement

The use of educational programs to enhance ‘humanbility’ capacity impacts on workflow improvement through increased efficiency. The more the number of students gets access to the education programs – the higher the human capital Verizon builds around the world. This is crucial to ensure that any initiative undertaken by the company becomes successfully implemented globally. The efforts to build the human capacity on environmental matters are necessary for an environmentally conscious future.

Proposed Changes Impact on Increasing Chances of Successfully Implementing the Sustainable Initiative

The proposed changes provide key aspects of building human capital around the world. The human capital is an integral feature of making Verizon’s objectives are meant at every level with precision, high standards, and quality implementation capacity. For example, the diverse human capital built by Verizon will occupy the suppliers’ workforce, form partnerships with Verizon, constitute of Verizon community globally, among other key individuals that cooperate in making Verizon’s efforts a reality. Thus, in the long-term, the changes ascertain the survival and successful implementation of Verizon’s sustainable initiatives.

Adoption of Business Management Theory Best Suitable to Execute the Sustainable Initiative

The most efficient business management that can be utilized to facilitate the implementation of the sustainable initiative in Verizon entails the administrative management theory. The administrative management theory is one of the oldest theories but has proved to be efficient and effective in impacting the success of businesses. The implementation of initiatives requires focused and effective leadership to guide the teams through the process and maximize the gains attained from the process. The management serves a critical purpose to the way leaders guide, direct, and manage their employees/teams through the implementation process.

The administrative management theory was developed by Henri Fayol a miner and engineer who lived from 1841-1925 (Voxted 2017). Fayol is considered the father of management theory. The administrative management theory comprises of a top-down approach of examining a business and its components utilized to execute initiatives for the benefits of the organization. The sustainable initiative pursued by Verizon is a major strategy that is bound to induce a profound competitive vantage point, assert the company’s market leadership position, and pioneer adoption of environmental-oriented initiatives for long-term global sustainability. The administration management theory best suits Verizon’s implementation of the process because it provides an opportunity to imagine all the potential situations bound to be encountered when dealing with diverse features of the execution process (Brunsson 2017).

Mostly, the administrative management theory is concerned with the teams by enhancing the capacity to accommodate their attitudes, natural habits, and diversity of the members/employees. To increase efficiency and productivity of the sustainable initiative implementation, the approach provides better ways to manage the teams impacting the ability to make them understand the results of the intended objectives which the project aims at accomplishing (Mbalamula et al. 2017). Thus, the impact on improving the morale of the employees, decrease the turnover rates and enhance better employee engagement – an opportunity vital to find effective alternatives to solutions provided by the sustainable initiative.

Description of How the Theory Will Help to: –

I.                    Successfully Implement the Initiative

The administrative management theory is bound to play a vital role in successfully implement a sustainable initiative by Verizon. The approach provides key responsibilities for the management to maintain in the implementation process. The capacity to effectively lead teams requires well organized, coordinated, and planned strategies (Bagire & Namada 2015). This is promoted through a clear command structure in which directions are provided towards attaining the set objectives. The control of the measures developed for effective implementation of the sustainable initiative facilitates the process to remain on a course of the budget and scheduled time of implementation. This is vital to ensure the organization does not incur additional costs of implementing the initiative. Thus, ascertain a procedure in which the forecasts are achieved within budget, time, and assigned resources.

II.                 Provide Minimal Interruptions to Business Productivity

The capacity to improve employee morale, decrease the turnover rates and provide better engagement of the employees directly impacts minimal interruptions to business productivity. The change process is often difficult and risks employees boycotting and rebelling against the initiatives assumed by the company. The efficiency developed by the administrative management theory ascertains the full-productivity capacity of the business without any interruptions (Mbalamula et al. 2017). Rather, takes the initiative to encourage, motivate, and inspire the employees towards greatness. By making the employees understand the objectives and vision aimed to be achieved through the implementation of the sustainable initiatives ensures that they are on board and own the process. Thus, a smooth, effective, and committed operations are guaranteed ascertaining minimal interruptions to business productivity than necessary.

III.              Increase Profits After the Initiative is Implemented

The profits increase after the initiative is implemented can be achieved by establishing Verizon as an industry leader. The capacity to ‘walk the talk’ of implementing environmental-oriented initiatives facilitates Verizon to prove its measures to comply with its corporate responsibility initiatives, ethical values, and strong organizational culture (Voxted 2017). The implementation of the initiative is pursued on the basis of authority responsibility that provides key lessons to others. This makes Verizon a better partner and promises great returns to investors. The administrative management theory impacts raising the confidence level of the investors, partners, and stakeholders presenting an opportunity in which the organization can further exploit for expanded benefits. Thus, successful implementation of the initiatives induces enormous profits for the organizations through capacity and expertise building to expand its competitiveness and vantage on the market.

IV.              Benefit the Organization as a Whole

To increase profits, the administrative management theory provides measures in which guarantees that the implementation process maintains high standards and quality of the sustainable initiative. This has a direct result of the achievements resulting from the successful implementation of the sustainable initiative. For instance, through the fourteen principles of the administrative theory; discipline, unity of direction, division of work, and equity impact on building a more committed workforce that is beneficial to the organization (Edwards 2018). Also, esprit de corps nurtures the feeling of pride and mutual loyalty shared by the employees resulting in the establishment of a strong organizational culture (Uzuegbu & Nnadozie 2015). This has an overall impact on increasing the competitiveness of Verizon and marking its market position as a leader in the industry. Thus, business continuity and gains in the successful implementation of creative initiatives benefit the organization as a whole.

Solutions Founded on Evidence-Based Research

The implementation of sustainable initiatives by a company requires concerted efforts to increase the efficiency and impacts of the measures utilized. Learning from the best practices of companies that have been successful in implementing sustainable initiatives is fundamental. These include ReKixx, Eco-fi, and Patagonia. A high emphasis on Patagonia initiatives helps delve into key practices that the company applies to achieve 100 percent environmentally sustainable initiatives (Petrie 2016). The companies provide great solutions for Verizon to learn from in pursuing a sustainable initiative. As a business leader, taking initiative by Verizon is paramount to serve as a pioneer in implementing such measures that contribute to a better world.

ReKixx in the shoes and footwear industry focuses on developing products made from 100 percent recycled materials. Such include the sneakers that contribute to taking measures of minimizing the depletion of natural resources around the world. Eco-fi is a company in the clothing and apparel industry. In making clothes from 100 percent recycled materials – Eco-fi utilizes water bottles and other plastic products (Butow 2014). The plastic products are converted into a form of polyester material which is used to spun into clothing product. These approaches provide key lessons to the efforts of organizations’ maintaining ethical responsibility towards the environment and impact on competitive advantage.

Patagonia an American company based in Ventura, California provides key lessons to Verizon vital to making sustainable initiatives that are environmental-oriented. Patagonia operating in the clothing industry produces outdoor sports, travel, and everyday wear products (Bosco 2017). The company has taken deliberate measures to ensure that the realization of sustainable measures is the contribution of the company in the industry. For example, the implementation of the Bluesign® Standard comprises the use of technologies that encourage the reduction of resource consumption. This goes hand in hand with the “Buy Less” campaign which is pursued by the company to minimize the depletion of natural resources (Petrie 2016). Thus, provide lessons of how sustainable environmental measures should be pursued by organizations and impact on the ability to live to its values and standards that meet ethical obligations and corporate responsibility.

Best Practices for the Solution Implementation

(i.)               Creation of Dedicated Green Team

The capacity to create a dedicated green team in the organization is key to achieve enormous goals in environmental conservation. Patagonia runs a green dedicated team that is designed to respond to environmental issues (O’Rourke & Strand 2017). To take proactive measures, Patagonia policies primarily focus on environmental conservation and restoration as a key aspect of the organization. Verizon is building the impacts of sustainable initiative can create a green team that is dedicated to continued environmental protection and sustainability.

(ii.)            Teaming Up with Green Organizations

The approach to team up with corporations and other companies to develop and create initiatives that focus on reducing the environmental footprint left behind by business is key to making a sustainable initiative to achieve its objectives. This entails involving all stakeholders across different circles to ensure that everyone is making a positive stride towards environmental conservation (Azevedo et al. 2018). The affiliation with the organizations focused on environmental conservation is integral to turning the objectives of sustainable initiative into reality. Patagonia and Eco-fi encourage organizations to contribute to environmental organizations to induce widespread and high magnitude effects on their efforts. Alone, Patagonia has partnered with over 170 businesses to advance environmental measures (Petrie 2016). This aids Verizon’s sustainable initiative by ascertaining the gains achieved are long-lasting.

(iii.)          Pioneer Revolutions

The capacity to pioneer revolutions is fundamental to creating programs that deal with the environmental crisis head-on. This is a great lesson that ReKixx, Eco-fi, and Patagonia have executed effectively. In their own initiatives, the companies serve as pioneers of executing environmental sustainable initiatives that are integral to the contribution they make to conservation and protection. In the clothing industry, Patagonia runs programs such as “Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle, Reimagine” to encourage sustainability efforts (Bosco 2017). Also, it offers to repair products for free if it is convenient for the company or charge a fair price. This asserts the company’s capacity to live the values it advocates on environmental measures. Verizon in the wireless industry can repair devices for consumers free or at a small as a measure of recycling products without modification initiative.

(iv.)           Contribute Directly to Environmental Conservation

Patagonia over the years since 1985 has contributed over $46 million to environmental organizations through the 1 percent for planet campaign. This comprises of a donation package of 1 percent of the company’s total annual sales to organizations committed to the conservation and restoration of the environment to its natural course (Garza 2013). Also, Patagonia runs a Conservation Alliance started in 1989 to encourage businesses and companies to contribute to environmental organizations. This direct involvement in matters environment provides key lessons for Verizon in executing its sustainable initiative. As a financial capable organization, Verizon can commit a percentage of its profits to environmental measures significantly enhancing its sustainable initiative implementation (Ahmad et al. 2013). Furthermore, technological advancement offered by Verizon can contribute significantly to the study and evaluation of data on environmental impacts.

Feasibility of the Initiative

The adoption of the sustainable initiative is feasible for the company and overall growth. The implementation of the sustainable initiative with assert Verizon’s position as a leader and pioneer in the telecommunications industry. This will enable the company to maintain a high competitive advantage compared to the peers (Bagire & Namada 2015). Economically, the approach will save the company billions of dollars committed to the purchase and establishment of new infrastructure. Socially, the initiative will live to the company standards and organizational culture. This is fundamental to influence customer retention and loyalty to the company. Environmentally, the initiative contributes significantly to the company’s efforts in implementing green initiative measures (Ahmad et al. 2013). Furthermore, the successful implementation of the sustainable initiative is key to the future competitiveness of the company that will result in capacity building, motivating, and inspiring its workforce, future generations, and partnerships for long-lasting solutions.


The successful implementation of the sustainable initiative can be attained through the incorporation of an effective leadership approach. The administrative management approach proposed by Fayol is a great recommendation for the implementation of the initiative (Edwards 2018). The approach allows for planning, organizing, coordinating, improving, promote, and forecast the potential issues of the initiative implementation. This impacts to increased efficiency of the implementation process within the budget and stipulated time. Thus, provide the best practices that can be expanded in the future of similar initiatives implementation.

Verizon should consider adopting the best practices acquired from the evidence-based research of companies that have succeeded in similar projects before such as Eco-fi, ReKixx, and Patagonia (O’Rourke & Strand 2017). Therefore, the key recommendations for the successful implementation of the initiative entail four key aspects. A.) Create a dedicated green team of Verizon employees and communities around the world. B.) Team up with green organizations to contribute positively to efforts towards the world better. C.) Pioneer revolutions in the corporate practices that impact profoundly in environmental conservation. For example, focus on reducing carbon (IV) oxide emissions by 50 percent and further in the future by Verizon is a major project. D.) Contribute directly to environmental conservation courses i.e., through setting a particular percentage of the company’s total annual profits dedicated to environmental sustainability (Brunsson 2017).


In conclusion, successful implementation of the sustainable initiative in Verizon requires effective leadership, proper planning and strategies execution, and strong values. The capacity of the company to pursue such initiatives illustrates its capacity as a global leader. This is motivating to its employees, community, and customers around the world. Thus, Verizon can maintain a competitive edge in the industry where other organizations can learn from its practices.


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Plagiarism Free Papers

All our papers are original and written from scratch. We will email you a plagiarism report alongside your completed paper once done.

Free Revisions

All papers are submitted ahead of time. We do this to allow you time to point out any area you would need revision on, and help you for free.

Free Title-page

A title page preceeds all your paper content. Here, you put all your personal information and this we give out for free.

Free Bibliography

Without a reference/bibliography page, any academic paper is incomplete and doesnt qualify for grading. We also offer this for free.

Originality & Security

At Homework Sharks, we take confidentiality seriously and all your personal information is stored safely and do not share it with third parties for any reasons whatsoever. Our work is original and we send plagiarism reports alongside every paper.

24/7 Customer Support

Our agents are online 24/7. Feel free to contact us through email or talk to our live agents.

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We work around the clock to see best customer experience.


Flexible Pricing

Our prces are pocket friendly and you can do partial payments. When that is not enough, we have a free enquiry service.


Admission help & Client-Writer Contact

When you need to elaborate something further to your writer, we provide that button.


Paper Submission

We take deadlines seriously and our papers are submitted ahead of time. We are happy to assist you in case of any adjustments needed.


Customer Feedback

Your feedback, good or bad is of great concern to us and we take it very seriously. We are, therefore, constantly adjusting our policies to ensure best customer/writer experience.